Collaborative work with fellow creatives, creators and artists. We’re always open to joining forces with other agencies, teams and individuals who aspire to be a force of change.

All kinds of things related to creative direction, art direction, copywriting, branding & corporate identity, web design & development, packaging design, photography, illustration, 2D & 3D animation, motion design and CGI.

Mentorship for younger creatives. We are not that old ourselves –we like to think– but there are plenty of things we are ready to pass on to the next generations.


Pitches, competitions or any other kind of competitive, unpaid work. Better collaborate than compete against each other :)

Award shows, paid self-promotion or meta-advertising campaigns.

Work for products, brands or companies promoting social injustice, sexism, racism, animal abuse or environmental irresponsibility.

We've had the opportunity to work and collaborate with really nice clients :) Some of them are very well-know –some others are tiny companies just taking off. We love them all no matter their size.

There's a certain kind of human being who needs to see big logos from big companies on our website because they believe it validates our work somehow. It's not what we do, it's the logo at the bottom right corner that matters. Big-logo-driven people, we call them.

These are for you! :) Bottom right corner, just where you'd expect to find them ♥


SALVAJE was created as an alternative for brave brands and clients who want to develop their projects creatively in a future-proof, sustainable and socially-responsible way.

We believe it is in everybody’s hand to make an impact in their local community, and in the world as a whole. That’s why we only collaborate with brands and clients who actively fight (or want to fight but still haven’t figured out how, we can help you there too ☺) to change things around.

Social & environmental justice, human & animal rights advocacy, gender equality and anti-racism are at the core of our belief system and our creative process. We fight for these ideas to prevail in our collective mind by designing, developing and implementing strategies that lead into this direction in everything we do. No matter how big or small the project we’re working on is, there’s always a way to take a stand and do what’s right. It’s good for the world we live in, and –as we’ve witnessed first-hand– it’s good for business. Together, we can make the world salvaje again.


The studio was founded in 2020 by Leti Cabana & Juan Miralles. We had been working in different fields and cities all around the world (Berlin, Madrid, Paris, NYC, Munich, Buenos Aires…), and decided it was time we started our own thing. We want to be the option we would’ve liked to find when we first started in this business: an environment where human beings, ideas and social responsibility are at the center of everything.

SALVAJE was born in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when the creative industry started shifting towards a remote-by-default, collaborative model. This first year has been a real challenge for everyone, including us, and we’ve learnt to adapt and evolve at the pace of these uncertain times. If we are alive and kicking it is thanks to our amazing partners and clients who have placed their trust in us :)

Collaboration is what works best for us. We know our resources and skills can be extended and improved by surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals, teams, studios and agencies. That’s why our team changes depending on the project, bringing onboard our partners, frequent collaborators and friends. If you want to be part of our ever-growing family, please do get in touch. We would love to hear your story and see the kind of work you love doing.







We are a multidisciplinary studio based in Europe. Galicia –in northwestern Spain– is what we call home and where we spend a big chunk of our time. Depending on the project we may be developing, you will find us hopping around other European cities.

If you are looking for fresh input on your brand, new skills to complement your team’s and salvaje allies to bring your ideas to life, shoot us an email to: HOLA@SALVAJE.STUDIO
We would love to have a chat with you and see how we can help you :)


We’re always actively looking for new talent to collaborate with and join our team :) Send us a link to your portfolio and tell us your story, we’d be happy to get to know you and find ways we can make salvaje stuff together: COLLABS@SALVAJE.STUDIO
Please note –for now– we can only consider collaborations with EU residents.